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Decided to Make My Own Soap and Was Surprised when My Psoriasis Got Better

Over the years, as I have said, I have tried to get back to the basics with the grooming products I use because I am so sensitive to smells.  So this year I decided to make my own soap instead of using the Lemon Verbena soap I was buying from Whole foods.  I looked on-line and found many many different recipes and they all called for a lot of scent.  So I went to a soap calculator and altered a few recipes I saw, adding Shea Butter and less scent.

IMG_6402 (2)

This is the recipe I came up with.  It has been a wonderful bath bar.  My husband surprised me when said he was going to use it as his shampoo because it made his hair feel soft.  I thought he was just being nice as that is the way he is, but his hair really does feel good.

Water 13.68 oz
Lye 5.10 oz
Coconut oil 32 oz
Shea Butter 4 oz
Orange oil .25 oz

I will make a batch this week and post how to on making this soap.

This is the link to the soap calculator
It is easier than I imagined.

It has been a true surprise and joy that my psoriasis has cleared up. I don’t know if it is related but it is the only change I made in my life.


Simple Safe Deodorant Recipe

Originally when I tried cutting scents out of my life, I only switched to an unscented deodorant.  I would have to buy it many months before I would use it so that the smells absorbed in the market could dissipate.

Then I switched to a health food type of deodorant.  But recently I realized they still had many  ingredients that I did not want to use in them.  I got a simple recipe from my sister in law.  Thanks Jane

2-1/2 Tbsp beeswax beads or beswax
4 Tbsp coconut oil
2 Tbsp Shea butter
7 tsp clay (bentonite or other)
15 drops essential oil (Sweet Orange, Lemon I like a very light scent)
I used small ball jar and an old deodorant container (clean of course)


Melt the beeswax and coconut oil on very low heat stirring constantly. Once melted, add in the Shea butter and whisk a few times, then remove from the heat and continue stirring. After the Shea butter is melted and you have a liquid, sprinkle in the clay and continue to whisk until everything is combined. Drop in the essential oil, whisking still. Place the pan into a cold water bath until it just begins to set up. Spoon the mixture into container and place it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes.

Each time I have removed a strongly scented or potentially toxic product from my life I am so happy.  And they really don’t take that long to make once you have the ingredients.  For this one the only thing I needed to purchase was the Bentonite Clay which I bought from Amazon and it came in two days.  i use orange oil in soaps and put it in this Deodorant as orange oil as it inhibits microbial growth.

I finished this just now, Its not very pretty but that’s not what I need.  I will let you know how it works in a few days.

Update on the deodorant.  Yesterday I used it straight from the fridge and the deodorant slid on wonderfully.  But this morning I used it at room temperature and it is about 74 and my arm pit is of course warmer.  And when I went to put it on I got way to much as it melted on contact

So I removed the deodorant from the deodorant container and put it with the extra in the ball jar.  I warmed it back up until liquid then added another tablespoon of both Shea Butter and Beeswax beads.  Both of these melt at higher temperature then the coconut oil so hopefully the deodorant will go on better from a tube.    I also added another Tablespoon of the Bentonite clay.  I did not add any more scent as for me it was still a bit strong.

This may not firm it up enough to use from a deodorant container.  If it does not work I will just use a pea size ball spread on my underarm with my fingers.

The good news is per my husband Brian it worked well.  More updates to come.   Recipe above altered to reflect changes.


Next I am in search for a hair conditioner recipe.