The Chickens Winter Playroom (Aviary)

As we near winter in Maine, we had to think about what to do to keep our chickens warm, dry and happy during the very long cold winters.  So my husband, Brian, built a little enclosed area next to the room they roost in.


The Dutch door on the right goes to the play room the door on the left goes into where they roost.


They are not yet using the playroom much yet as they prefer to be outdoors but my friend Betty the Brave always follows me where I go.   You can see the little door cut in between the roosting area and the winter playroom.   The roost is well insulated and so far the play room is not.  But I have noticed now on much colder windy days they stay in the playroom instead of outdoors.  I am sure when the snow piles up they will stay inside more.  What you can not see in these pictures is that we have two chairs outside the pen so we don’t miss our Chicken TV.

IMG_6281 (2)

We have a heater under the water container to hopefully keep the water defrosted.  But I imagine we will be carting buckets of warm water out to the shed on days when it is 20 to -20.  I may need a new pair of warm boots.


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