The Chicks are Growing Up

The chickens had been in their coop outside for maybe two months when the first of our girls laid her first egg. I think she was about 17 weeks old and the egg had a very thin shell. It felt like an eternity before that day came. Really not bad time for a Rhode Island Red Hen to lay her first egg. Seems like we added a hen laying every two weeks after. Our last hen “Brave Girl” just laid her first egg yesterday and it had no shell. I hope she has better luck with her next egg. She is now 6 months and one week old. For the past week we have been getting 4 eggs a day. I have been wracking my brain for recipes using eggs. We may have to start giving them away or start selling them.

IMG_0993 (2)

“Brave Girl” is the lowest in the pecking order in the group of hens. I did not know this was a real thing. But, she waits to eat the treats we give them until the others are done. Or if she does try the others run her off But since they were small chicks, in our house, we had one that was always brave and unafraid of us. She would come over to us and had so little fear that we started calling her our Brave Girl.   We were able to tell who was laying because the girls developed their combs and waddles about the time they started laying.  We don’t have specific names for the other hens because we can not tell them apart. The look like they were cut from the same cookie cutter. I imagine soon we wont visually be able to identify “Brave Girl” by her looks only by her bravery.

We put a light that comes on in the early morning so they are still laying eggs in October. The way I understand it hens stop laying if there is less than 14 hours of daylight. We will not extend the light to much more so they can take a break when it is very cold.

I really enjoy our eggs with their bright orange yolks.

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